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CBCT scanning

For successful dental implant treatment and other special procedures it is essential to use of the best diagnostic tools. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) represents the gold standard for medical imaging. In recent years, dental technology has moved forward dramatically. CBCT scans were once the job of hospitals: large, loud and cumbersome machines.


Sandown Dental is one of only a few dental practices in Northern Ireland to have invested in this advanced technology to be fully informed and ensure accuracy for special procedures such as dental implant treatment. The scan offers the greatest chance of success due to a high level of detail and an ability to precisely plot implant location.

Here's how the scan works for dental implant treatment:


Standing in the bespoke CBCT scanner room, your head will be carefully positioned by a specially trained member of the dental teamand you will be asked to keep absolutely still while the scan is taken. Each scan takes only a few minutes


A low level of radiation is emitted to take a very detailed 3D x-ray of your mouth


The resulting image is uploaded to a software program to accurately plot where implants will be placed in your mouth


Implant placement is executed with the highest certainty of success.

The benefits of having a CBCT scan include:

  • Safe and extremely effective way for your practitioner to fully diagnose the condition of your teeth and gums
  • Allows the dental team to plan your implant treatmentwith the upmost accuracy.

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