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Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Justin Barkley on

Thank you so much for your very professional work, I always felt at ease and confident, you were always keeping me safe and assures. I am very happy with my new implants see you soon for another two.

- Davy Carson

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Justin Barkley on

On a routine check-up, Sara-Louise noticed white spots on my tongue and suggested I see my doctor just as a precaution. After seeing my GP and getting bloods done, it turned out that my white blood cells were low which explained why I always felt tired. I'm now taking folic acid to rectify the problem and I'm feeling much better for it.

I can't thank Sara-Louise enough for her professionalism.

- Justin Barkley.

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Stephen Hamilton on

Hygienists!!! Who needs them!?

Well, to be honest we all do, and if you (the reader) have delicate gums as I do, then we both need them, and on a more regular basis. If you are now thinking 'that's me', it is imperative that you consult a professional hygienist immediately, if not sooner.

After many years and trying numerous hygienists I have, at Sandown Dental and Implant Clinic, found the most competent, thorough and professional hygienist to date.

Jennifer Thompson and her most able and invaluable assistant Ildi, based at Sandown Dental Clinic, take great care and attention while dealing with my oral hygiene, teeth and gums. Also, and equally as important is the patients comfort and well-being during treatment.

Is it painful? No, not at all. Understandably a little discomfort on the initial visits but this quickly diminishes with each following appointment as your teeth and gums become much healthier. This also translates into less dental 'bills'.

Finally and most importantly Jennifer and Ildi have a very gentle and caring manner while you are undergoing treatment, and for the very nervous have no fear, Jennifer can anesthetise the gums and you will feel no pain whatsoever.

So if you desire strong healthy teeth and gums contact Sandown Dental and Implant Clinic and book an appointment without delay with Jennifer. Believe me you will not regret it.

- Stephen Hamilton.

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Anne Cosgrove on

I am absolutely thrilled with my dental implants. I can now smile and interact with people in a much more confident and relaxed way. Socialising and dining out is also a much more positive experience.

I was apprehensive and prepared that the outcome might not be successful considering the severity of bone loss. I was respected and appreciated the factual, clear explanation and honesty of information I was given by Patrick. It was a major decision for me and I had to think carefully about the timing and impact on my supporting role as a doting Grandmother. I had always good reasons for not being able to have it done sooner. I was eager and ready to get it done.

Feeling so ashamed of my tooth loss, only my husband was aware of my treatment. The greatest accolade for me of the success of this is in the fact that the rest of the family have appeared not to notice any difference as my new teeth are so natural looking.

I thank all the staff involved, especially Patrick for his skill, patience and support throughout my treatment in which I was more nervous at the final stages. The reaction of praise and delight by all the staff members in the practice was very special.

- Anon

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Anne Cosgrove on

I broke a front tooth and was very unhappy about the gap so it was not a difficult decision to get an implant. The initial consultation with Patrick was easy and reassuring and the procedure was so well explained. Indeed at all times during the treatment I was kept fully aware of the procedures, care was taken to make sure it was as painless as possible. Overall both treatment and outcome were of the highest quality. Staff were helpful and polite especially when appointments had to be changed. Overall I recommend the practice.

- Maureen McCartney

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Anne Cosgrove on

The decision to have implants was one of my best. My confidence has soared, I not only eat better but I do not have to worry about smiling anymore. The whole procedure was worth every penny and I only wish I'd done it sooner.

- Anne Cosgrove

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Thomas McAuley on

I had a long history of gum disease and found myself in the unfortunate position of having to choose between a denture and an implants. Thankfully, I decided on the latter. The initial consultation with Patrick Rea was the deciding factor to proceed with the implant treatment. From the outset, he put me at ease. Before starting any treatment, the treatment plan was fully discussed and explained. I had extensive work carried out over two years and you cannot but be impressed by the way Patrick approaches his work. He is very professional, technically gifted and patient. I am so pleased that I decided to have the treatment; it has given me the confidence to smile again and eat whatever I like! Patrick Rea and his team are excellent and I would certainly recommend not only the implant procedure but also Patrick and his team to anyone who might have any nagging doubts about the procedure. Thank you to all the staff at Sandown Dental and Implant Clinic for their care and support throughout my treatment.

- Thomas McAuley

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Leslie McAskie. on

I've been coming to Sandown Dental and Implant Clinic for over 12 years for regular check ups and occasional filings, root fillings and crowns. Patrick ascertained over 10 years ago that the pain I was having in my jaws, neck and teeth was coming from clenching and grinding and that I was doing this during the day as well as in my sleep. The Royal Victoria Hospital School of Dentistry gave me a rigid splint that jacked my mouth open at night time and prescribed a muscle relaxant to take orally. This and physiotherapy from time to time gave some level of relief, but in recent years I was experiencing severe headaches and have been to my GP and practice nurse on several occasions, each time being prescribed nasal sprays, antibiotics and pain killers for migraine and sinusitis. Unfortunately none of the medications worked. More recently I feared that I may have had a tumour as the pain in my head was becoming more frequent and debilitating. I was finding it hard to get to sleep, waking during the night and in pain first thing in the morning. Sometimes I had to stay in bed all day and my mood was low.

During a routine check up I mentioned to Patrick that I was suffering badly from head, neck, eye and teeth pain. He told me that he was a member of the British Society for Occlusal Studies and explained in detail about how he could help me. The first step was to have a deprogrammer made that I wore for a few weeks. This showed no dramatic relief of the pain but I knew my muscles were more relaxed and my jaw was freeing up so I decided to progress to the second stage and have a bespoke appliance made in hope that the pain would improve.

I received my new splint five weeks ago and to say I'm pleased is an understatement! I'm amazed that within a week of wearing it through the night I am having undisturbed sleep and therefore I'm in much better form during the day. If I feel a headache coming on and pop my appliance in the pain leaves within 30 minutes. When I know I'm gong to have a stressful day I can prevent the eye, head, neck and shoulder pain by keeping my splint in for several hours. It's very comfortable to wear and I attend business meetings, go shopping and socialise with it in place - my latest accessory! I'm convinced that, through Patrick and his expertise, I've found the cure for my problem and so confidently I came off my oral medication two weeks ago - first time in 8 years! My mood has lifted and subsequently energy levels have increased.

Thanks to you Patrick my life has improved to the point that I'm now living a normal pain free life again.

- Leslie McAskie.

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Cathal Cunningham. on

I have found the Sandown Dental and Implant Clinic to extremely patient focused with all efforts being made to accommodate the needs of the patient and the customer care is exemplary. The staff are all of the highest quality and even though I had a lot of work to be done, having not been to a dentist in 17 years, I found the experience to be as painless as was humanly possible, with the work itself being exceptional. As I mentioned, I had not visited a dentist in a number of years due to an unhappy experience before, but this is not something I need to worry about at the Sandown clinic, and I have happily joined the Practice Plan and now make regular visits.

- Cathal Cunningham.

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Paul Thornton. on

Very modern practice. Professional team.Friendly staff. Also because I am a very nervous patient, I found the dentist and nurses very reassuring throughout my treatment. I found this dental practice to be a 100% improvement compared to my last. Would highly recommend.

- Paul Thornton.

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Catriona Thornton. on

Excellent practice. Friendly staff that really put me at ease. Highly recommend.

- Catriona Thornton.

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by - Cary Fort. on

Practice is very professional & run very well.

- Cary Fort.

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by Chris Brown. on

Great practice. Staff are professional, friendly and knowledgable. Had dental implant surgery with Patrick Rea followed by tooth whitening and am very happy with the result and level of service. Highly recommend.

Chris Brown

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by Maureen Maybin. on

I have been with Sandown Dental & Implant Clinic now for a number of years. I well remember the first appointment, coming with the trepidation which often accompanies a visit to the dentist but more intensely felt because this was a change, after many years of attending another practice. However, I can say without hesitation, that it was a 'good move' and I cannot speak highly enough of the care and attention I have received over the past few years.

There is always a friendly greeting at reception and on the occasions when I have phoned needing advice or an appointment to deal with a problem, the situation has been dealt with kindly and efficiently. I have had extensive work done since joining the practice. Currently I am being looked after by Dr Janice Brown but have also attended Dr Patrick Rea and, of course, have regular visits to the hygienist. As practitioners they are all extremely thorough and take time to give advice and offer options on treatments available.

Some of my appointments with Janice have been lengthy involving root canal treatment and crown work, but I have been reassured at every point and can honestly say that I have the utmost confidence in her and the dental nurses working quietly alongside her, to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. I used to be afraid to open my mouth or smile too widely but Janice also introduced me to 'teeth whitening' and has worked wonders on my front teeth to make them presentable!!! Now when asked to 'open wide' I can do so with renewed confidence!

From all points of view, I would highly recommend Sandown Dental, as a place where you will receive only the highest standard of care and attention from a 'people friendly' team.

Maureen Maybin

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by Rebecca Dougan. on

I was never happy with my teeth. I had veneers but didn't think they improved my smile. Patrick explained to me how gum contouring would give my teeth a more even appearance and with new veneers and teeth whitening my perfect smile was achieved. The process was explained step-by-step and I had complete confidence in Patrick and the team at Sandown Dental. I would highly recommend the practice to anyone hoping to improve their smile.

Rebecca Dougan

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by Jaclyn Hepburn. on

I used to hide my smile but now I can't stop smiling! Patrick explained to me how crowns, gum contouring and teeth whitening would achieve the result I've always wanted. When I look back at old photographs I never smile with my teeth showing. Now I've a big grin in every picture. The treatment was pain-free and completed in a short space of time.

Jaclyn Hepburn

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by Deborah Hanna. on

The decision to have implants was not an easy one until I attended Patrick Rea at Sandown Dental & Implant Clinic - and I had done my research! I found Patrick easy to get along with. He put me at ease and advised and worked with me to achieve the best result at a very competitive price. I would have no hesitation in having further dental implants if necessary or recommending Sandown Dental. Thanks to all at Sandown Dental – the dental team and the reception staff – and for their kind consideration in treating another member of my family.

Deborah Hanna

Rating: 4.5
Patrick Rea Reviewed by Julie Skelly. on

With my wedding coming up I decided it was time to do something about my smile because I hated how it looked and I dreaded the thought of wedding photographs. I spoke to my dentist, Janice Brown a Six Month Smile Practitioner and she gave me her honest opinion on how my teeth would adapt to treatment and how long it would take. I was fitted with my tooth-coloured braces in February and they came off in July in time for my wedding day. The treatment also included teeth whitening which was an added bonus! My wedding was truly the best day of my life and I felt confident smiling away showing my straight, white teeth. I would highly recommend Janice and the team at Sandown as their expertise and high quality service filled me with confidence throughout the experience.

Julie Skelly

Rating: 4.5
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