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As we age fine lines and wrinkles appear, especially across the forehead and around the eyes. These lines are caused by overactive muscle movement wearing away the collagen in the skin, which in turn causes the skin to crease or wrinkle. A more youthful appearance can be achieved with a non-surgical injectable procedure using Azzalure® (commonly known as Botox).

This procedure works by relaxing the muscles, therefore reducing wrinkles, smoothing out fine lines and preventing new wrinkles from forming. The treatment is carried out in the clinic by Dr Sinead Dougan and Dr Sara Louise Rainey. Our clinicians are skilled medical professionals who have undergone extensive training and understand the complexities of the muscles in the face and neck, delivering a youthful and natural result.



Crow’s Feet


Forehead Lines


Frown Lines


The treatment is especially effective for preventing wrinkles across the forehead, frown lines and lines around the eyes (Crow’s Feet). It can smooth out the skin around the lips and the skin on the chin that can become pitted and dimpled (Orange Peel).

The treatment can also be used to prevent other issues such as excessive sweating in the armpits and migraines (caused by frowning).



The treatment usually takes about 15minutes. It is painless and there is no recovery time needed afterwards. You should begin to see a marked improvement in two to three days with the full effect in two weeks. The results last for up to four months, as Botox is broken down naturally by your body.

We offer a free initial consultation. Contact the clinic 028 9047 1070 to arrange your appointment today.

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