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What is fat dissolving therapy?

The treatment reduces excess fat in notoriously tricky areas, such as the chin and jawline. A double chin is a common issue for women and men, even with regular exercise and a good diet. When you have spent time and money improving your smile, defining your chin and jawline is often the last piece of the puzzle.


Fat dissolving therapy is perfect for anyone who has small pockets of stubborn fat and for those people who feel other treatment options, such as liposuction, seem too extreme a solution.

Pluryal Mesoline® fat dissolving injections are designed to remove fat in the facial areas to define and shape the facial features. The formula of the product destroys the fat cells for a more contoured complexion and unlike other fat dissolving treatments contains plant extract to regenerate the skin tissue. Results are very effective, quick and minimally invasive.

The Treatment

The first step begins with a consultation with Dr Janice Brown to discuss whether you are suitable for the therapy and the expected results. The treatment takes about 30 mins and may need repeated six weeks later for optimal results. A topical or local anaesthetic will be used to minimise discomfort and downtime.

Normal side effects include small amounts of swelling, bruising, redness and soreness. Most of these will subside after a couple of days.

If you are interested in the treatment, give us a call 028 9047 1070 to arrange a free consultation with our skin clinician, Dr Janice Brown.

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