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Gum Contouring

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring, or gum reshaping, allows your dentist to create a more even smile by adjusting and reshaping the gum. It is ideal for anyone who has a 'gummy smile'. This is a condition in which the gums cover too much of the teeth, usually the front teeth, and it can leave the length of the teeth looking too short. It can affect your confidence and make you self-conscious about smiling.

Gum contouring can solve the problem of a gummy smile quickly and painlessly and without great cost. The treatment is carried out in just one visit to the clinic, either by your dentist or our specialist periodontist, Prof Wendy Turner.

Gum Contouring


Firstly, the area will be completely numbed using a local anaesthetic.


Your dentist will then trim away the excess gum that is covering the teeth. As well as removing the gum, the dentist will also reshape it to create a beautiful smile.


Afterwards the area will heal relatively quickly and you will be able to enjoy your new smile with confidence.

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